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  1. New Zealand Auckland Internship | Study Abroad

    The Auckland Internship Program runs approximately 16 weeks during the fall semester and 24 weeks during the spring semester. Students take one required ...
  2. Australia Sydney Internship | Study Abroad

    The Sydney Internship program combines coursework at the BU Sydney Center with professional work experience in or near Sydney. The program is offered ...
  3. USA Los Angeles Internship-Only (Summer) | Study Abroad

    The Los Angeles Summer Internship-Only Program gives BU students the possibility to work professionally in the heart of the film and television industries.
  4. France Paris Management Internship | Study Abroad

    BU's five Paris programs make the most of France's capital city. The spring semester Paris Management Internship Program, offered in conjunction with the ...
  5. Ireland Dublin Internship | Study Abroad

    The Dublin Internship Program is offered fall and spring semesters. It offers students the opportunity to study and work in one of Europe's most vibrant and ...
  6. Ireland Dublin Management Internship | Study Abroad

    The spring-semester Dublin Management Internship Program, which is open only to BU students, consists of three management courses, an Irish history and ...
  7. USA San Francisco Bay Area Internship (Summer) | Study Abroad

    The San Francisco Bay Area Internship Program offers students the opportunity to intern in the thriving global center of technological innovation. Offered during ...
  8. Australia Sydney Management Internship | Study Abroad

    Australia Sydney Management Internship. Boston University Study Abroad and the Questrom School of Business offer Questrom students an exciting opportunity  ...
  9. Switzerland Geneva Internship | Study Abroad

    International Relations and Public Health students have the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience through the Geneva Internship Program. During ...
  10. Spain Madrid Internship | Study Abroad

    The Madrid Internship Program, offered fall and spring semesters, allows students to enhance their Spanish language skills while working abroad in one of  ...

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