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  1. New Zealand Auckland Internship | Study Abroad

    The combination of academic work, field trips, and personal travel opportunities gives students a rich introduction to New Zealand life and culture. The Auckland Internship Program runs approximately 16 weeks during the fall semester and 24 weeks during the spring semester. Students take one required course at the ...
  2. France Paris Management Internship | Study Abroad

    BU's five Paris programs make the most of France's capital city. The spring semester Paris Management Internship Program, offered in conjunction with the University of Paris IX-Dauphine, consists of three courses taken at Dauphine, plus an academic internship (which will most likely fulfill a liberal arts level B requirement).
  3. Australia Sydney Internship | Study Abroad

    The Sydney Internship program combines coursework at the BU Sydney Center with professional work experience in or near Sydney. The program is offered during the Fall and Spring academic semesters. Students live in single bedrooms in fully furnished 3 or 4 bedroom suites in the BU Sydney Center. In the first six ...
  4. USA San Francisco Bay Area Internship (Summer) | Study Abroad

    The San Francisco Bay Area Internship Program offers students the opportunity to intern in the thriving global center of technological innovation. Offered during summer term, students will live and intern in the San Francisco Bay area. Students participate in an internship and an accompanying course where they will earn ...
  5. Switzerland Geneva Internship | Study Abroad

    International Relations and Public Health students have the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience through the Geneva Internship Program. During the first six weeks of the program, students take core classes while preparing for an eight-week professional internship at a local organization. Throughout the ...
  6. Ireland Dublin Management Internship | Study Abroad

    The spring-semester Dublin Management Internship Program, which is open only to BU students, consists of three management courses, an Irish history and culture course, and an internship. Students directly enroll in University College Dublin (UCD)'s Quinn School of Business from January through May, and then ...
  7. Australia Sydney Management Internship | Study Abroad

    Boston University Study Abroad and the Questrom School of Business offer Questrom students an exciting opportunity to earn management credit and complete a four-credit internship in Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Management Internship Program, which is offered only during the spring semester, features an extended, ...
  8. France Paris Internship | Study Abroad

    BU's five Paris programs make the most of France's capital city. The Paris Internship Program, offered fall and spring semesters, provides eight weeks of intensive French-language study and liberal arts courses, followed by seven weeks of full-time internships with organizations in the greater Paris area. French faculty from ...
  9. Spain Madrid Internship | Study Abroad

    BU's eight Madrid programs offer the chance to study and live in one of the world's most dynamic metropolises. All students have the unique opportunity to experience life in a Spanish homestay. Classes are taught either at the Instituto Internacional or the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The Madrid Internship Program, ...
  10. China Shanghai Internship | Study Abroad

    The Shanghai Internship Program, hosted at Fudan University, offers students the opportunity to take Chinese language courses and experience the professional culture of China by participating in an internship determined by student's interests and background. Students are housed in the Tonghe International Mansion, ...

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